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FRITT - Open Access journals at UiO

FRITT is a publication service for researchers and groups at UiO who want to establish a new scholarly Open Access journal or to convert an existing journal to Open Access.

Starting a new journal

What services does UB provide?

UB manages the FRITT service and offers support to its users. Here is an overview of what users can  expect:

  • Access to use the FRITT platform, a publishing tool which in addition to publishing features, also includes administrative tools for peer-review, editing etc.
  • Help and advice when establishing a new journal or with transferring an existing journal to FRITT
  • User and technical support
  • Help to improve the journals' impact. Ascertaining that the journals are indexed and registered in relevant online databases, catalogues etc.
  • UB covers expenses for persistent identifiers. Currently the DOI system is being used.

The journals are expected to handle daily administration and editorial processes themselves. Technical maintenance is managed by USIT. 

Criteria for using the service

  1. The journal must be Open Access
    1. Access should be free
    2. The journal should not make use of access barriers such as logins or IP address filtering
  2. The journal follows standard procedures for peer-review and will be compliant with academic requirements for level 1 journals (in Norwegian), according to the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.
  3. Rights - as a minimum the journal accepts:
    1. Authors publishing in a FRITT journal retains the copyright for his/her article, but gives the journal the right to be the first publisher.
    2. When an article is published, the author is free to share the published version of the article on his/hers website or in a repository without having to request permission from the journal. The journal should be credited as publisher.
  4. The journal should have an affiliation with the University of Oslo. Editors, journal managers or other members of the editorial team should either be employed by or a student at the University.
  5. The journal must have a realistic publishing policy and should publish at least six articles or other types of peer reviewed material each year
  6. The journal must lisence the content published with a Creative Commons license
  7. DIFI's requirements for Universal Accessibility should be followed as far as possible. For example, image pdfs should not be used.
  8. If these criteria are not adhered to, the University Library have the right to remove the journal from FRITT

Is your journal compliant with the criteria? If so, please contact the FRITT team and we will help you get started using the service.

FRITT user support

This section contains resources for editors, journal managers and others who are responsible for a FRITT journal.

Find Open Access journals

Contact the FRITT team

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