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Find your library card number

Your student or employee card also acts as your library card. You can find your library card number ("Lånekortnummer") on the back of the card.

  • The library card number is called "Lånekortnummer" on newer cards, "LåneID" or "Bibsysnr" on older cards.
  • If you have a student card, it begins with "UO" (i.e. UO00123146).
  • If you have an employee card for UiO employees, it begins with "UBO" (i.e. UBO0092843).
  • If you have a local library card from UiO, it begins with a letter code (UMN, UMH, SV etc.) or the letter N (i.e. umn0010127 or N000000000).

Don't have a library card?

If you're not associated with the University of Oslo, it's possible to get a local library card. Please contact the library.

National library card

If you have a national library card from another Norwegian library, the card can be activated for use at the University library. Please contact the library to activate your card.

The library number is located under the bar code on the back of the card.

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