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Contact us for help, guidance or to ask questions about the library or the services we offer.

Chat with the library

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Do you have any questions? Talk to us! You can talk to a librarian between 10:00 and 15:00 and the chatbot is available round-the-clock.


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The libraries

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Ask the library

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Ask the library a question. You will get a response within two working days.

Social media

Library Director's Staff and Digital services

Lost something?

Check out the University's lost and found page for help. (In Norwegian only)

Visitors with special needs

Humanities and Social Sciences Library

Anne-Gry Skonnord (Georg Sverdrups hus)

Jim Isaksen (Sophus Bugges hus)

Law Library

Anne Gunn Berge Bekken

Library of medicine and science

Shelly Mercedes Villanger