Unveiling the IEEE Milestone and Simula 50 years celebration conference talks (September 27th 2017)

Unveiling the IEEE Milestone on object oriented programming.
Introduction by Stein Gjessing (professor at Department of Informatics), speeches by Svein Stølen (Principal of the University of Oslo), Lars Holden (managing director of The Norwegian Computing Center) and Kaveh Niayesh (IEEE Norway vice chair).

Conference talks and panel debate

Conference opening by Ellen Munthe-Kaas (head of Department of Informatics, University of Oslo) and Arne Maus (head of celebration committee).

Stein Gjessing introduces the speakers.

  • Oscar Nierstrasz. Great moments in the history of Objectoriented Programming
  • Dave Thomas. The legacy of Simula 67
  • James Gosling. Simula: a personal journey
  • Panel debate. Moderator: Eric Juel. Participants - left to right: James Gosling, Olaf Owe, Oscar Nierstrasz, Ole Lehrmann Madsen, Dave Thomas.


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