Week 58-59

Keywords: Touch table application, BIO conference, touch table application development workshop, XIMPEL

Figure: Animated GIF showing the biokonferansen application.


These two weeks, project activities included the design, development and testing of a touch table application contextualizing the BIO conference, the annual conference of the Norwegian biologist association. Furthermore, we worked further on preparing our touch table app development workshop, and we received an invitation to present the project at a Dutch national conference for information professionals.

Specific meetings, including:

Specific activities, including:

  • Design, development, testing and installation of Biokonferansen touch table application (Hugo, Kirsten, Dan Michael)
    • BIO-konferansen 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Jostein Goksøyr and Lynn Margulis's parallel launch of the endosymbiotic theory, and we developed a touch table application to celebrate this event. Work towards this end included:
      • Gathering and converting the content (PDFs, videos)
      • Visual and interaction design of the application
      • Adding interactivity via XIMPEL
      • Application testing, testing on the touch table
      • Adding analytics and “idletracker” (automatic reset of application)
      • Installation of the touch table in the foyer of the library (Dan Michael & Kyrre)
      • On the basis of this application, further “templates” from design for later reuse will be created
  • Preparing talk for Visual Navigation Project presentation at a national information professional congress in the Netherlands (Hugo)


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