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Access from home and when travelling

Access to journals and other restricted library resources is limited to computers that are connected UiO's network. EZproxy is a service that provides access to those resources.

When you are using a computer outside the UiO network, and wish to access one of our electronic resources via a link in Oria, GoogleScholar and similiar, you will be asked to log in to EZproxy with your UiO user account.

How does it work?

Read more about the EZproxy-technology.

Alternative access methods

The links to the databases on the database list in Oria, and a few other resources do not currently work with EZproxy. To access these you can use UiO Programkiosk


EZproxy uses UiOs own authentication solution (Weblogin) and does not store data about you.

Help and guidance

More information on the UiO programkiosk.

Read about other options for connecting to the UiO network.

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