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Access outside UiO

You can access e-books, electronic articles, databases and other online resources in Oria if you work or study at UiO or OUS, whether you are on campus or at home.

Access from Oria

If you are outside the UiO network and you are trying to open an online resource from Oria, you will first be asked to sign in with your UiO user account.

Read about the EZproxy-technology

The library's privacy policy for EZproxy

The "Lean Library" browser extension

If you don't use Oria, the "Lean Library" browser extension can make life a little easier. It recognizes the online resources you visit regardless of how you find them. The extension also searches for open versions of articles (Open Access).

Go to, install the extension and select "University of Oslo" as the institution. The extension is not available for Internet Explorer yet.

For OUS users

If you are an OUS employee you can get access by requesting remote access and then signing in to the hospital network from home. From there you can open Oria and search for literature as usual.

Alternative access methods

  • If you can't access electronic resources from Oria you can use the UiO Programkiosk.
  • Remote Desktop may be used by staff and members of faculty who have an office computer.

For more information about access from home see UiO's pages

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